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About Your Presenter
Marina is the Founder and CEO of Moms And Heels™ who teaches busy moms to slay online sales by identifying their story, personal brand and mission – all using social media. 
Marina joined Network Marketing 10-years ago as a broke, single mom looking to get her car back from being repossessed.
While stuck in a cubicle at work, Marina missed her first born taking her first steps. That was the moment that made her feel like the worst mom ever and drove her to want more.  
After an old high school friend told her she could make money with a supplement, Marina was in. However, she never made a cent for the first two years in the industry. 
The cold spammy ways just didn't work for her at all on social media. Maybe you can relate.

It was her second company where Marina built an organization of over 60,000 customers and distributors in less than two years using online strategies. She became one of the Top 12 Income Earners in that company leveraging the same system she teaches you here (The 333 Method™).
Now, living brand-forward, Marina shows other marketers how to do the same. It’s her mission to take more mamas from the #cubicle2throne! 
She was also featured in Yahoo Finance as a top Branding Coach in 2020 and 2021
With zero social influence, Marina has built a multiple 7-figure income using social media and you can too!
Throw out the cold market sleazy scripts and get excited about inviting again! 

People are looking for you on Social Media. It is time for them to get to know YOU!

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